For Investors

Bermuda Island Games is an Indie (independent) game development organization, which operates as a division of parent company Supatone Ltd.

To date, the company has been funded by owner/founder Adrian Lodge's personal contributions as well as via government grant and crowdfunding.

The games made up to this point have all been not-for-profit, with the intention of promoting Bermuda through games. Going forward, Bermuda Island Games will begin to release commercially sold games, in order to be able to earn revenue and cover the costs of development.

The team at Bermuda Island Games are currently seeking seed (startup) money in order to continue making amazing games, and start earning revenue.

Our long-term goal is to help develop a video game development industry in Bermuda. We will only get there one game at a time.

If you are a certified investor, or a member of an Angel or VC firm and would like to invest in our vision, please contact us at