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Discover Bermuda's local attractions in our latest Mobile Game.

Unlock each of the puzzles to find new locations.

Collect points for every Hidden Gem you visit in Bermuda.

Compete with your friends to rank higher on the high score board.

Explore the island of Bermuda! Experience exciting locations by solving puzzles & playing games, all from the comfort of your own home. Download & start exploring today!

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Have you ever wanted to travel to a tropical island and explore the natural and cultural wonders? Well now you can, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home! Hidden Gems of Bermuda 2 continues the exploration that began in the first game, taking you across the island through mini games, puzzles, mazes and more.

Play a multitude of casual mini games that take you on a fantastic, continuing tour across the island. Solve puzzles, match gems and candies, navigate mazes and more as you make your way among landmarks and locations. The tour guide you meet along the way will give you more information on the locations you visit, including gorgeous beaches, local landmarks and historical locations. Earn in-game points to redeem for boosts and bonuses to help you win the games and advance through the levels and tour.

Explore the island at your own pace, with puzzles and games for everyone that fit every mood and stimulate your mind. Navigate exciting mazes, challenge your memory and expand your strategic thinking with matching and memory games. Come back every day for a fun login bonus and to continue your adventures!

Download today and start exploring Bermuda without ever leaving your home!

Play Fun Island Games
- Navigate exciting mazes and earn points towards boosters
- Challenge yourself daily with memory games
- Solve fun and interesting jigsaw puzzles
- Match gems and candies and expand your strategic thinking
- Discover gorgeous locations and photos with sliding puzzles

Explore Bermuda
- See beautiful beaches, jungles and other hidden gems of the islands
- Learn about local history and related locations
- Discover the local history and beauty of Bermuda
- Tour the island with the Bermuda Island tour guide

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