Want to Build Your Own Video Game?

Building a game is hard work... just ask Sony!

You have to make sure your game is something people will want to play before you spend your time and money trying to get it developed.

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself if you want to Build Your Own Video Game:

  • Is it a potentially popular game?
    • Think about how many people will realistically play the game, and for how long. Do you know whether it will be the kind of game people can't put down for weeks, or whether it is more of a one-time game which ends with the story?
  • Is it going to work for mobile devices?
    • Some games work best on a TV or computer screen, while others may work better on smaller screens. Will your game be best suited on a smartphone or tablet, compared to PC or console?
  • Is it culturally relevant?
    • Will the game include facts about Bermuda, or show symbols based on Bermuda's culture that would make it relevant to Bermuda Island Games?

If you would like us to build your game for you please check the above items first and then fill in the form below.

Yes I Want My Own!

Great! Fill in the form here and we will be in contact with you to discuss how soon you can get your own video game to play.

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Will it require voice-over included as characters speak or should it just use text? Voice Text

What languages will the game include? English French Italian German Spanish Brazilian-Portuguese Simplified Chinese

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Will there be in-game purchases? Yes No

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