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Building a game is hard work - you want to make sure your game is something people will want to play before you spend your time and money trying to get it developed.

Here are a couple of things to think about for building your own game.

Top 5 Things to Consider for Game Design

We've put together five of the most important questions for any designer or game executive to think about when creating a new game:

  1. Is it a potentially popular game?
    • You probably want your game to be the talk of the town, rather than sitting in cyberspace waiting to be downloaded. What is it about your game that will make people enjoy playing it and tell their friends about it? How many people will realistically play the game, and for how long? Do you know whether it will be the kind of game people can't put down for weeks, or whether it is more of a one-time game which ends with the story?
  2. What platform will it work best on?
    • If you're trying to make a VR game that runs on a mobile phone you may want to reconsider. Some games work best on a TV or computer screen, while others may work better on smaller screens. Will your game be best suited on a smartphone or tablet, compared to PC or console? Your target platform has a large impact on who your target audience includes.
  3. Is it culturally relevant?
    • This is one decision which many executives fail to consider. What are the underlying themes or morals to the story, behind all of the grinding and levelling up? As the player engages, what do they learn while navigating through the gameplay? A game about Bermuda, for example, should include artifacts and symbols based on Bermuda's culture and heritage, rather than just a random island with no facts or history included.
  4. What are the must-haves?
    • A game should not, and in reality cannot, be all things to all players. An Action RPG Puzzle Survival Strategy game is not only impossible but also impractical to try and design. Instead ask yourself what are the key items that your players will love about it? This will help define who your target audience is, and also cut down on unnecessary features.
  5. How does yours compare to other games?
    • Research is essential to finding your place in the over-saturated game market. What unique selling points does your game have? How many sales or downloads do your competitors have? Will you be featured at the next game awards event? If not, why not?

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