Intro to Digital Artwork for Video Game Design

Intro to Digital Artwork for Video Game Design

February 15th - March 22nd, 2023
@Warwick Academy

Paint using Adobe Photoshop for texturing, spritesheets, backgrounds and marketing banners.
Draw vectors using Adobe Illustrator for characters, props, icons and logos.
Sculpt 3D models of characters, props, rigging and animation using Blender.

Master the techniques of three of today's most popular software applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Blender.

Do you want to learn how to design artwork for video games?

Join us for this 6-week course focusing on how to use the software that the experts use every day!

Lessons will be held at Warwick Academy each Wednesday from 5pm - 6pm for anyone aged 18+.

Cost: $360 (software included)

Limited to 10 people only!

Character design in Illustrator by Rebecca Martin

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Sponsored by:

Bermuda Government - EDD
Warwick Academy