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The Story Behind Hidden Gems of Bermuda

Bermuda Island Games was founded in October 2016. When deciding which game we would initially develop to enter the gaming world, we wanted a game that was ground-breaking, featuring as much about Bermuda as possible, and having the potential to be played by thousands of players. This will be the first of hopefully many more games about Bermuda by Bermuda Island Games.

With America’s Cup 2017 scheduled for the summer and Bermuda’s thriving tourism industry, it was apparent that it would be useful to target tourists to Bermuda to showcase all that the sub-tropical island had to offer. After attending Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Investment Workshop, there were two key elements that really stood out that we wanted to improve upon: “tourists said that when they come to Bermuda, they are looking to explore, experience different cultures, and experience different cuisines”, and that “there are no interactive or digital apps that take advantage of modern-day technology to promote Bermuda”.

Based on this feedback, we developed a geographically-based app which scores points based on different restaurants the player dines in, different locations they visit, different people they meet, and different activities that the player engages in during their time in Bermuda.

Somewhat similar to Pokemon Go, which went viral in mid-2016 as mobile gamers took to the streets with their phones and tablets, Hidden Gems of Bermuda was designed to do the same thing – enjoy the outdoors with technology leading you. Rather than playing at home on the computer or during class while the student is bored, this game is intended to help break the player out of the regular cycle and go and explore different parts of Bermuda which many people (including locals) have never been to.

After doing some brain-storming, the name which resonated for us was “Hidden Gems of Bermuda”. We quickly realized that there was already a local tour company by that same name. Rather than change the name, the two owners agreed on a partnership where the tour would be featured in the app among other tourist activities, and the game would keep the name chosen.

Since October, the graphic design, music, and sound effects have been created, a marketing and business plan were produced, and the mobile game was developed on both Android and iOS platforms – all with a shoestring budget! As we approach the launch date in January, we have also engaged several friendly users to do beta-testing here in Bermuda, to do any last minute touch-ups and get feedback on game-play.

We are excited to be building this game and look forward to helping celebrate Bermuda in the most interactive and enjoyable way we know – through games!

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